About The Project

This project was built by Dan Betcher & Samara Bouchard for the world wide web - but it wasn't our original idea...

Greed was a game originally made by Matthew Day many years ago. Originally it was only available from the Linux Command Line (CLI). We really enjoyed playing it and wanted to share it with our friends and family, but it became quite clear that it was difficult to teach them how to use the command line and access this gem of a game. So we decided to rebuild it in Javascript and put it on the internet for everyone to enjoy.

Greed v 3.4 running on a Debian Linux Server

Our new version of Greed is a little different than the original. Our grid is a 40x40 square, where originally it was a 22x80 grid. Also, in Matthew’s version of Greed some numbers had the same colours as other numbers did (using only 6 different colours in total). We decided to use nine different colours (one for each number). Besides these small changes, the game is very similar to the original. We respect Matthew Day’s game and tried to keep our version as close to the original as we could.

Help Support This Project

If you enjoy playing Greed as much as we do, please consider helping us keep this site up and running by making a small donation. A cup of coffee goes a long way!